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Lose 10 Pounds and Keep Eating Fast Food

Lose 10 Pounds and Keep Eating Fast Food

Yes, you can lose 10 pounds and still eat fast food. The biggest reason diets fail is the sense of being denied food you enjoy. The first temptation trying to ruin your efforts at dropping the pounds is usually fast food.

Lose 10 Pounds and Keep Eating Fast Food

There are so many times when the hectic schedule of the day has us too tired to think about cooking. Somebody seems to always want a burger or burrito on those days. The golden crunchiness of hot french fries calls your name and after days or weeks of resisting, you give in. How do you not throw your hands up in the air and call it quits? Moderation is the key. If you want a combo meal, get the kids’ meal and a salad for example. Pick up or download a copy of your favorite fast food chains’. And from grocery stores’ deli calorie counter sheets to help make more informed choices on your visits. Several fast food chains and grocers’ delis offer special low-carb and low-cal items now, making it even easier to munch on a taco or bunless burger.

To Lose 10 Pounds And Still Eat Fast Foods, How You Eat Fast Foods

To lose 10 pounds and still eat fast foods, one important change you may consider is how you eat your food. When you eat your food slowly enough so a feeling of reward settles on you. So you’re less likely to crave “sinful” foods as often. If ice cream treats or a Rueben panini are haunting you, split one with someone you really like. And it’s makes you’ll both feel rewarded. As you share your treat, talk about what you’re enjoying in its texture and flavor. Do it while you savor your bites. Be aware of what you’re eating, how it makes you feel to eat it and then pat yourself on the back for neither over indulging nor denying yourself a little treat.

If losing 10 pounds and keeping it off is your goal, remember you can eat fast foods, you just have to be a bit more creative in your ordering. There’s no sense in setting yourself up for failure by smelling comfort foods with the feeling you’ll never eat any of them again. There are lots of things on the menu besides just salads to pick from now. Arm yourself with a calorie counting information sheet, pick wisely and no beating yourself up if you slip at first. Successful weight loss comes down to making gradual changes to your lifestyle without feeling punished or deprived. As the weight comes off and you see you aren’t depriving yourself, the sinful foods will call to you less often. The deli items will shift themselves toward healthier choices as well while you feed the whole family with a sense of better nutritional values.

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